M.03.02.Res.12 Miscarriages

  1. Where relevant the requirements outlined in M.03.02.Res.11 Death of a child residing in a prison shall also apply following a miscarriage within 20 weeks of gestation or an unscheduled birth. In this instance the following guidelines should also be met:
    1. The prison director must ensure that the woman is advised of the options appropriate to the woman’s cultural or religious beliefs for the management of the foetus or placenta.
    2. Assistance should also be given to the woman to select the most appropriate option for the management of the foetus or placenta and every facility is made available to the woman to achieve the option chosen in a sensitive, culturally appropriate and hygienically safe manner.
    3. Where after 20 weeks of gestation a woman delivers a deceased child within the prison every opportunity should be made for the prisoner to obtain appropriate funeral services and the support and advice of her family / whânau.
    4. Counselling and support must be offered to a woman who has suffered a miscarriage. This can be provided by the counsellor and/or social worker employed by Corrections, or by external provider such as forensic metal health services as necessary.