S.07.Res.04 Management of prisoners who return a positive drug test

  1. Prisoners may be placed on booth visits pending a charge being heard. (See POM S.07.Res.03 IDU status special management.)
  2. All visits must be supervised in a way that balances the needs of prisoner and their visitors for reasonable privacy, the need to maintain the safety of any person in the institution, the need to ensure the security and order of the institution and the need to prevent the transfer of unauthorised items between visitors and prisoner.
  3. The prison director determines the way that visits should be supervised. There will be situations where contact visits occurring before a charge is heard pose a risk of drugs being transferred between the prisoner and the visitor.
  4. The imposition of booth visits is the only element of IDUS that may be imposed prior to the prisoner being found guilty of a drug related disciplinary charge.