4.0 Prison population 2005-2006

Figure 4.1 shows a snapshot of the prison population classed by major offence – what people are in prison for. The data are from the Prison Censuses produced by the Ministry of Justice and, later, the Department of Corrections. Persons convicted of violent, sexual and property offences make up a high proportion of the people in prison at any given time, because they tend to have the longest sentences.

4.1 Sentenced prison population by most serious offence


Figures 4.2 – 4.4 show the proportions of various major offences people are sentenced to prison for during the course of a year – why people go to prison. The dominant categories in this analysis (dishonesty, violence and traffic offences) are the ones where many people receive shorter sentences.

4.4 All receptions by most serious offence


4.2 Receptions of non-Māori