Remand and sentenced prisoner tables

Data on the remand and sentenced prisoner population can be viewed, filtered and downloaded from the Statistics New Zealand website.

The data covers fiscal years and calendar years.  Remand data currently covers the period 1999–2014, and sentenced data covers 1998–2014.  Updates will be published six monthly.

Remand prisoners

Remand prisoner statistics count people held in custody awaiting trial or sentencing.  The data includes offence type, duration of remand, and demographic information.

Sentenced prisoners

Sentenced prisoner statistics count people in prison for a custodial sentence.  The data includes information on offence type, duration of sentence, and demographic information.

View latest remand and sentenced prisoner tables

Related information

Our two-yearly Offender Population Report provides similar data.  The report analyses offender volume patterns by age, gender, ethnicity, offence group and sentence type, and how these have changed over the last few decades: