EM Bail Phone App

A mobile phone application is available to people on electronically monitored (EM) bail with an Android phone. With the EM Bail app you can:

  • request absences without having to contact the EM Bail team by phone
  • receive confirmation of approved absences, including times permitted away from your approved address and confirmation of approved location(s) you can visit on your absence
  • receive text message reminders for your court appearances 48hours and 2hours prior to each hearing
  • see your bail conditions
  • track your approved absences and court appearances on a calendar
  • access websites for support services, such as NA/AA, women’s refuge and suicide helpline

How can I get the app?

  • There are two ways you can get access to the EM Bail app:
    1. Are you in Manukau, Christchurch or Wellington? If so, and you have a contact number for a bail support officer, ask them to get you set up. If you do not have a contact number, you can email the team and seek assistance:
      • Wellington: bailsupport@corrections.govt.nz
      • Christchurch: bsschristchurch@corrections.govt.nz
      • Manukau: bssmanukau@corrections.govt.nz
    2. If you are not in an area where there are bail support officers, or you cannot access email to make contact, phone the EM Bail Team on 0800 EM BAIL (362 245) and they can help you get set up over the phone.

Common issues and what to do

Your text message token to set up the app is only valid for 48 hours so if you try and set up the app after this it will not work and you will need to contact the EM Bail team to ask for a new token.

  • If you forget your PIN, contact the EM Bail Team on 0800 EM BAIL (362 245) so they can reset it for you once you’ve answered your security questions
  • Unable to make an absence request – The app requires certain timeframes, so if you’re request cannot be processed it could be because you have not allowed enough time, in which case you will need to contact the team.
  • The app cannot process any overnight stays or travel by plane, so if you require an overnight absence or a flight, you will need to contact the team by phone
  • If you’re experiencing any technical difficulties, contact the EM Bail Team to let them know. The EM Bail team will log the issue to be fixed by a technical team, and in the meantime can assist with absence requests, until the app issue is fixed.
  • You got a text telling you to book an absence for Court, but your lawyer told you that you do not need to appear. Listen to your lawyer’s advice. The text sent is automated and will say you need to go, even if you have been told you don’t need to.