Download the discussion document.Corrections consultation on options to achieve improved outcomes in the corrections system has now closed.

The Department has released a discussion document proposing potential options to improve rehabilitation, reintegration, and safety outcomes for people in the corrections system.

There are seven areas of proposed change and each includes operational options alongside possible amendments to the Corrections Act 2004 and the Corrections Regulations 2005:

Amending legislation to enable changes in operating practice

  1. Monitoring and gathering information on prison activity and communications for intelligence purposes to improve prison safety
  2. Ensuring people are assigned to male and female prisons by considering a range of factors
  3. Increasing access to privacy and control over lighting in prison cells
  4. Refining disciplinary processes in prisons

Supporting strategic shifts through operational and regulatory means

  1. Supporting improved rehabilitation and reintegration outcomes for Māori
  2. Providing remand accused people with greater access to non-offence focused programmes and services

Miscellaneous amendments to legislation to assist day-to-day operations

  1. Making a series of miscellaneous amendments to solve a range of technical issues that will assist day-to-day operations, including:
    1. Body temperature scanners
    2. Enabling the use of imaging technology to replace strip searches
    3. Case management plans
    4. Information sharing with Inland Revenue
    5. Mixing of young people and adults
    6. Minor/technical changes

In each, we set out the problem we are addressing, the outcome we are seeking and possible options for achieving this outcome. We also discuss the advantages, disadvantages and the costs and benefits of each option and how they could be implemented.

Consultation has now closed

However, you can still download the Discussion Document Options to achieve improved outcomes in the corrections system PDF, 1007.9 KB

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