Given for You is a group of women who have recognised an acute need in the Wellington community, as many families are living below the poverty line and are severely under resourced.

Pippa Carey, Sandy Baigent, Residential Manager Stacey Trask and Katherine from Given for You.Given for You sources and distributes Care Packages to families in Wellington who lack the simplest of materials needed for managing everyday life. Some of these families are local, some are resettling from around the country, and some are refugees who are coming to New Zealand for a better life.

Arohata Prison has the absolute privilege of working with Given for You to give every woman at Arohata Prison a care package.

Sandy Baigent launched the partnership project at Arohata Prison on Friday 22 November and spoke about the importance of being valued, self worth and empowering women. Each and every woman has the potential to succeed with dignity. Being in prison is one part of our wāhine journey by which they should not be defined for the rest of their life.

Deputy Prison Director Pippa Carey quoted Michelle Obama who said ‘The difference between a broken community and a thriving one is the presence of women who are valued'.Sandy Baigent from Given for You talking to women at Arohata Prison.

"The women in our care have hopes and aspirations, let's work on creating inner value in order to heal and grow confidence to empower our people to make positive change."

Each Given for You pack had an array of personal toiletry items along with a hand written note from the Sandy. Many wāhine have written letters of thanks along with personal notes of how this offer of kindness has made them feel valued in while in our care.

We are looking forward to future projects with Given for You with the wāhine of Arohata and their whānau.