Requesting an EM Bail Absence

Kia ora,

Please use this form to request an Electronically Monitored (EM) Bail absence.

This request can be made by the person on EM Bail or someone who has their consent to do this for them.

Before you start:

  1. Is the absence more than 48 hours away?
    • If the absence is in less than 48-hours, call 0800 362 245.
  2. Do you have the relevant bail condition?
    • EM Bail absences can only be approved based on the conditions which are on the defendant’s most recent signed Bail Bond. Please check the Bail Bond first.
    • Do not make a request if there is no relevant Bail Condition for this absence, as it will be declined. Please talk to your Legal Counsel/Lawyer about a bail variation application.
  3. If you are doing this for someone else, have you got their consent?
    • You must have consent from the person you are requesting this absence for before submitting.

Approval is not automatic. Your absence will be assessed with consideration of your bail conditions and you will be contacted by email or call with the outcome.