Support available from others

Many organisations outside of Corrections can provide advice and support while you are supporting someone during their journey through the justice system.

Not all services are available in all areas.  Community Corrections staff will be able to help you find a suitable support service in your area. Find your local Community Corrections site.

Pillars  is an organisation that works with children who have been affected by imprisonment and their families to help them all have lives which are positive and contribute to healthy and successful futures.  Pillars does this through programmes which range across mentoring for the children and wrap-around services for the families and whānau. Pillars trained and experienced staff around the country in prisons and the community.
Victim Support
Victim Support for whānau/family who are also survivors/victims but who continue to be involved in a person’s life,
Māori Wardens
Māori Wardens are present in some courts around Aotearoa and can provide both you and your whānau member with support.
Citizen's Advice BureauCitizen’s Advice Bureau helps people to know and understand their rights. Their website has detailed information on the legal system and court processes.
Whānau Ora navigatorsWhānau Ora navigators are available across Te Ika-a-Māui to support the aspirations of our whānau as they navigate their journeys towards becoming stronger and more resilient.