CCTV and Body Worn Cameras


This notice describes Ara Poutama Aotearoa Department of Corrections’ approach to recording images of people by use of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and body worn cameras.

It details how we collect, use, store, and release such personal information, to ensure that Corrections meets its obligations under the Privacy Act 2020.


Corrections collects CCTV footage at our Community Corrections sites and at our prison facilities.

At prison sites, Corrections also collects body worn camera footage. During some escorts from the facility, prison staff also wear these cameras when they are escorting individuals to court or hospital etc.

Posters are prominently displayed in our sites, informing individuals that images are being recorded.


The CCTV and body worn camera footage are collected to:

  • Keep everyone safe at our sites (including people in our care, staff, contractors, & visitors)
  • Improve security and deter inappropriate conduct or criminal activity
  • Capture information of inappropriate conduct or criminal activity that could inform an investigation
  • Monitor incidents and assist the coordination of incident response
  • Provide opportunities for staff training and development.


CCTV collects visual images only.

Body worn cameras collect audio and visual information.


Unless Corrections determines there is a need to save the footage:

  • CCTV footage is generally only kept for 14 days.
  • Body worn camera footage is kept for 90 days.

Request access

Individuals can ask Corrections for access to any footage that includes them.  To do so, requesters should contact the site at which the image was collected before the retention period has elapsed.


Any queries or concerns about this advice can be forwarded to: