Plain Language Act

We’re committed to creating simple, clear, helpful information. We understand our responsibility as a public service to communicate with you clearly. It’s important to us that you can easily understand what you need to know or do.

As a big organisation, we have a lot of print and online content to look after. We will continue work to turn new and updated content into plain language where there’s room for improvement.

What the Plain Language Act 2022 means for us

We must use plain language in any new or updated (more than minor updates) communication we create from 21 April 2023.

Under the Act, we are committed to:

  • teach our staff about the requirements of the Act
  • make sure we meet those requirements
  • consider public feedback about our communication
  • report to the Public Service Commissioner about how we’re doing.

We welcome your feedback, so please let us know if you’ve seen or received any communication from us that’s unclear. We love positive feedback too, so if you have time to tell us about an example of great communication, please let us know.

To provide feedback, email us at