The New Zealand Parole Board

The New Zealand Parole Board is an independent statutory body which considers when offenders can be released on parole. The parole board’s paramount consideration is the safety of the community.


Information for victims

The New Zealand Parole Board’s role in giving due weight to the views of victims is one it takes very seriously.

The Parole Board makes sure victims have the opportunity to receive information about, and provide input into, their consideration of an offender's case - if they wish to do so.

For more about the parole process see the information for victims section on the New Zealand Parole Board website.

Victim notification register

Victims can apply to police, who determine their eligibility, for the victim notification register. Victims on the register are entitled to receive information about the hearing, make submissions, and be advised of the outcome of the hearing. Non-registered victims can also able to make submissions.