How to apply

A victim can apply to be on the register at any stage after an offender has been charged.

Victims can ask their local police station or Victim Support for the POL1065 form to apply.

Police then determine if a victim is eligible. If they approve the application, it’s sent to Corrections as soon as the offender is in custody (including remanded in custody).

Nominating a representative

A victim can nominate a representative to receive information on their behalf. That person must agree in writing to be a representative and can receive all notifications on behalf of the victim.

A nominated representative can be removed at their or the victim’s request. Once removed all future communication will be made (in writing) directly with the victim.

Nominating a representative can be made when the victim applies. Once a victim is on the register, requests to add or remove a representative can be made (in writing) to the victim information manager.

Address check against VNR

By registering on the Victim Notification Register your location will be considered when the offender you’ve registered against proposes a release address in the community or requests a change of address before they complete their sentence.

If the offender proposes to live at your address or an address close to you, the Victim Notification staff will raise the proposed address as a concern and in most instances that address will not be approved.

If a victim no longer wants to receive information

A victim’s registration can be closed by writing to the victim information manager.

If a victim changes their mind about closing their registration

As long as the sentence relating to the offending against them is still current, a victim’s registration can be reactivated by contacting the victim information manager.

Contact details

The victim information manager is the key contact for enquiries and updates to the register.

If a victim's contact details are out of date, every endeavour will be made to find updated details, but if this is not possible, the registration will be closed until the victim makes contact.

Postal address:

Victim Information Manager
Department of Corrections
Private Box 1206
Wellington 6140

Ph: (04) 460 3064
Fax: (04) 495 8436

Who can access victim information

Access to victim information is restricted to:

  • victim information manager
  • victim notification coordinators
  • authorised New Zealand Parole Board staff
  • prison or community probation services management in the event of an after-hours emergency.