Make a request

To film, photograph or interview a prisoner you need to make a request in writing to the Manager Media and Communications.

Your request should include:

  • the nature and purpose of your request
  • how the information or images you gather will be used
  • who you want to speak to
  • the focus of your questions
  • the date and time when you want to have access to both the prison and prisoners
  • who will be coming to the prison on the day.

Send your request to:

Postal address:

Manager Media and Communications
Department of Corrections
Private Bag 1206
Wellington, 6140
Fax: (04) 460 3208

How we consider requests

As detailed in clauses 108 and 109 of the Corrections Regulations, when considering requests Corrections must:

  • have regard for the need to protect the interests of people other than the inmate concerned, and for the need to maintain the security and order of the prison; and
  • be satisfied that the inmate understands the nature and purpose of the interview, filming or photography and the possible consequences for themselves and any other person.

If we approve your request

If your request is approved, the media proposal is discussed with the relevant prisoner/s and written consent is sought for the interview to take place.

Written consent must be given even if the proposed interview is not going to make the prisoner identifiable.

The prisoner is given the opportunity to discuss the media proposal with his or her unit manager and family and friends before making a decision.

Without this consent, the interview, filming or photography cannot take place.

How to make an Official Information Act (OIA) request

To lodge a media enquiry as an Official Information Act request, email our Communications team about what you want to know. Be as specific as you can.

Also include how you prefer to receive the information, for example as a transcript.

If your request for information covers a detailed and complex matter likely to involve extensive research within Corrections, your enquiry may need to be dealt with under the provisions of the Official Information Act. This means your request will be met within 20 working days. If we cannot complete your request within that time we’ll let you know that we need an extension of time due to the nature of the request.