Meet our Detector Dogs

Corrections is proud of our detector dog teams working around the country to keep our prisons free of contraband and our communities safer.

We have many capable dogs and handlers whose job it is to search visitors, vehicles and checkpoints, and check cells for items that should not be behind bars.

Our detector dogs, of various breeds, are carefully selected and highly trained to sniff out various illicit drugs, cellphone components and tobacco products.

When they’re not on duty, the dog teams help promote Corrections’ work to the wider public. You’ll often see detector dog teams at community events or helping NZ Police colleagues with search operations.

Our teams compete successfully at the National Police Dog trials and are stars of the TV show Dog Squad.

We’ve launched a set of collectable cards profiling each of our dogs. Every dog handler will have a stack of cards for their own dog which they will hand out at community events.. You can see them all below.

Click on one of the crew to find out more about them.