Returning offenders order

Offenders returning from overseas

The Returning Offenders (Management and Information) Act 2015 enables Corrections to manage and monitor certain offenders returning from overseas.

The supervision regime applies to eligible offenders who have served a term or terms of imprisonment of more than one year in another country.

The law applies regardless of whether the offender is deported, removed, or returns voluntarily.

This means Corrections is able to work with offenders who previously would have returned to the community without the reintegrative support and supervision required to safeguard them and the public.

How it works

Corrections staff are part of the multi-agency contingent that meets returning offenders on their arrival in the country.

We work alongside Customs, Police, MSD, Health and reintegration support people to ensure returning offenders understand what is required of them under their supervision order and tell them where they can get help to resettle here.

Corrections is responsible for managing the supervision regime once each individual has been processed at the airport.

The supervision is similar to parole conditions and requires offenders to report as instructed to their probation officer. It’s our role to ensure that sentences and orders are managed appropriately and see that offenders have access to reintegration support.

More information

FAQS for people returning to New Zealand (PDF 207KB)

Introducing Community Corrections (PDF 141KB)