About Us brochure

About Us is one of nine brochures we have produced that help tell our story. Printed copies are available at our probation sites and prison visits centres.

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We're One Team


Our frontline roles are diverse but we work as one team in our prisons and community corrections sites so that we use our resources effectively and efficiently.

Corrections officers, case managers and probation officers work directly with
offenders to encourage positive change. They ensure offenders complete the sentences and orders handed down by our justice system and see that offenders are held to account if they don’t. This is our bottom line.

Programme facilitators and psychologists help offenders deal with the causes of their offending, and learn new skills to change their thinking and behaviour.

Community work supervisors provide positive role models as they manage
offenders on unpaid work projects around the community so that making up for their crime makes a positive difference for others.

Prison instructors teach offenders new skills that can lead to recognised qualifications and help people find real jobs on release.

Health services staff look after prisoners’ health so they can make the most of
opportunities to rehabilitate and reintegrate.

Staff based at National Office in Wellington support our 24-hour frontline operations.

We work to protect the public and reduce re-offending so that, ultimately, fewer people are affected by crime.

We achieve more by working with others

Helping offenders change – and watching over those who are not ready or willing to – is challenging work.

Our partners in reducing crime include:

> Ministry of Justice, Police, Parole Board,Crown Law
> Child, Youth and Family, Work and Income, and Housing NZ
> Health
> Employers
> Non-government organisations
> Private sector providers such as Serco
> Iwi, hapü and marae
> 2,500 registered volunteers

Along with reducing re-offending, Corrections’ key priorities are to improve public safety, provide better public value
and show strong, visible leadership.

Read more about these goals on our website www.corrections.govt.nz/about_us

We know we can’t achieve our goals alone and we value strong partnerships with others.

Each year we manage tens of thousands of people serving time in prison and in the community to ensure they get the support they need to turn their lives around.

Quick facts

  • We manage around 62,000 new sentences and orders each year.
  • 31,000 (50%) of these are community work sentences which provide 3 million hours of unpaid labour to communities each year.
  • At any one time around 3,600 offenders are subject to electronic monitoring conditions on home detention, community detention, residential restrictions, and extended supervision or GPS release to work.

Corrections is one of the largest government departments in New Zealand with a key role in keeping our communities safe.