Electronic monitoring: Important information for defendants

Electronic monitoring as a condition of bail (EM bail) is granted to suitable defendants who would otherwise be remanded in custody, in prison, while awaiting a court hearing.

A person on EM bail (a Bailee) wears an electronic tracker and lives at an address approved by the Court.

About electronic monitoring

The Court can impose electronic monitoring as part of your bail conditions. This requires you to wear a tracker 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. You must live at an agreed address at all times unless you have permission to leave for an approved purpose, such as work.

The bail conditions will determine when you MUST remain at your home address. If you require an absence to leave your address during your curfew, you MUST speak with the EM Bail Team.

A monitoring unit will be placed at your home address. The tracker is monitored by the Monitoring Centre which can confirm your whereabouts at any time.

The bail conditions will determine when you MUST remain at your home address.

What happens if I am given EM bail?

You must follow your EM bail conditions and go directly to your approved address and wait for a Field Officer to arrive. They will set up the monitoring equipment and put the electronic tracker on your leg.

A Probation Officer will also visit to induct you,although, this may not be at the same time as the installation.

You will be electronically monitored for as long as the EM bail continues.

Who are the Field Officers?

A person from the monitoring company who will install, maintain and check the monitoring equipment and respond to any alerts.

The Department contracts 3M to provide and manage the monitoring equipment and the Monitoring Centre.

3M staff carry out all electronic monitoring field services including installing and servicing your electronic monitoring equipment and responding to alerts.

Field Officers will wear a 3M/FIRST Security identification at all times and will be in a FIRST Security uniform.

What do I do if my situation changes while I am on EM bail?

You must call the EM Bail Team first if you want to plan some time away from your home, even if it is just a short trip to the Work and Income office. The EM Bail Team will tell you what you need to do and what happens next.

Make sure you call the EM Bail Team at least 24 hours before any planned short-term absence. If you don’t your absence might not be approved. Remember you may only be permitted an absence if your bail conditions allow for it.

You must call the EM Bail Team to plan any time away from your home.

0800 362 245

What happens if I break my bail conditions?

The tracker will trigger an alarm, and Police will arrive to check on you if you:

  • try to take off the tracker
  • leave your address without permission
  • deviate from your agreed absence
  • are late back or home early from a planned absence
  • do not charge the equipment.

You may be arrested and have to appear before the Court who will decide whether your EM Bail should continue.

What if there is an emergency – can I leave without permission?

You can leave without permission if:

  • you need immediate medical or dental treatment; or
  • there is an immediate danger of death or injury to you (or a person you have sole responsibility for) – such as fire, earthquake, flood or violence.

If you have time, you should call the EM Bail Team on 0800 EM BAIL (362 245) or phone the team as soon as you are able to advise them of the emergency situation as Police will be notified of any departure.

If you leave the address in an emergency you MUST contact the EM Bail Team on 0800 362 245
as soon as possible.

Contact with the EM bail team

The EM Bail Team’s role at Corrections is to keep in contact with the bailee and occupants of the house.

If any difficulties come up contact the EM Bail Team on 0800 EM BAIL (362 245) as soon as possible.

How can I find out more about EM bail?

You can find the Application for Bail with Electronic Monitoring along with more information about EM bail from:

You or someone living with you can contact the EM Bail Team on 0800 EM BAIL (362 245)

Electronic monitoring equipment

Images of GPS tracker, GPS monitoring unit and cordless charger.

Charging your tracker

NOTE: It is a breach of your EM Bail conditions not to charge your tracker.

You will be required to charge your tracker for 2 hours every day. The cordless charger enables you to charge your tracker without being tethered to a power socket and will allow you to carry out most normal activities in your home environment while charging.

To charge your tracker unplug the cordless charger from the power lead and attach it to the base of the tracker.

You need to charge your GPS tracker for two (2) hours every day.

How long does it take to fully charge?

To fully charge a low tracker battery will take approximately 2 hours. The “Power” light on the charger turns from red to green when the battery is fully charged. The tracker vibrates when being connected to, and disconnected from, the charger. The tracker will also vibrate when the tracker’s battery levels are low indicating that you need to immediately charge your tracker. 

What if the tracker or monitoring unit is damaged?

Any damage must be immediately reported to the EM Bail Team. You must provide all information about how the unit got damaged. If the damage is intentional, you will be pursued through the courts for reparation.

Taking care of your electronic monitoring equipment:


  • have the cordless charger attached to the tracker when bathing or showering
  • let the cordless charger get wet
  • move the monitoring unit
  • open any of the equipment
  • unplug the monitoring unit
  • cover the monitoring unit
  • let the monitoring unit get wet
  • paint or otherwise modify any of the equipment
  • expose the equipment to heat or cold
  • damage the equipment in any way
  • tamper with the equipment in any way
  • leave the address when the cordless charger is attached to your tracker

Having a shower or a bath while wearing your tracker is OK.