Staying connected with friends and family

Prison visits at Alert Level 1

We’re doing everything we can to keep COVID-19 out of prison while still allowing visits to people in our care.

Masks and physical distancing are not required for visits to sites in Alert Level 1.

If you visit

As well as wearing the masks provided, we are asking everyone coming into prison to take added safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

This means:

  • asking Ministry of Health screening questions
  • physical distancing
  • providing details to support contact tracing
  • thermal imaging cameras to detect high temperatures
  • hand hygiene on entry

Visitors will need to keep their distance to minimise the risk of infection. Some people may be infected and show no symptoms.

If you are unwell or unwilling to wear a mask, please don’t visit.

Thank you for helping us to keep everyone safe from COVID-19.

Other ways to stay in touch

You can still make contact with people in prison by phone, mail, email and, in some cases, video calling.

  • We are providing people in prison with $5 phonecards so they can make more calls
  • We have installed more phones for people in prison to call loved ones.
  • You can email a prisoner. See the list of email addresses to send an email to someone in prison. (A staff member will print it out and give it to the person. They can reply by post.)
  • Video calling is available in most prisons for eligible people to video call their approved visitors.

For more COVID-19 health advice and information call Healthline free on 0800 358 5453. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and has access to interpreters.