We have nearly 2,500 authorised volunteers actively working with offenders on a regular basis.

Volunteering within Corrections supports our goal of reducing re-offending, by assisting offenders to meet their rehabilitative needs and transition back into society (reintegration).

Volunteers also support and complement our services and constructive activities for prisoners, for example in music, health and wellbeing, cultural and religious services, reading and writing, parenting/life skills or supporting other rehabilitation and reintegration programmes we have to offer.

Volunteering can be done individually or by working with volunteer groups and organisations to meet offenders’ needs.

Our volunteers bring a unique connection to our offenders (in particular prisoners) that our staff are unable to provide, that we particularly appreciate. Check our publication Corrections Works to read first-hand the real difference our volunteers make.

Volunteer qualities

Volunteering can be challenging. Our volunteers need maturity, a strong pro-social attitude and the ability to cope with difficult people and situations. Volunteering for us requires a real connection with the outside world. You may be seen by offenders as a role model and a respected member of the community.


If you're a student and interested in volunteering for us you need to be clear about your prospective role in meeting the needs of the offender and what skills you can offer.

How to apply

Complete the Volunteer Application Form (PDF: 280KB) and send to your local volunteer coordinator who will review your application to see if your skills match the current needs of the offenders. If you do match there is an approval and induction process that is done before starting.

Volunteer coordinators

As well as recruiting volunteers, volunteer coordinators are responsible for the engagement, training, administration and monitoring of volunteers. They're also the first point of contact for all local issues.

For general questions about the programme contact volunteering@corrections.govt.nz.



Email and phone

Postal address

Auckland Prison, Auckland Region Women's Corrections Facility and Northland Region Corrections Facility

Olivia McCarthy


(09) 442 6613

Department of Corrections
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Francine Benefield


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Department of Corrections
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Waikeria, Tongariro/Rangipo

Nadine Allen


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Hawke’s Bay

Vicky Mavin


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Department of Corrections
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Wanganui, Manawatu

Tracy Murphy


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Department of Corrections
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Rimutaka, Arohata

Julie Clifton


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Department of Corrections
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Christchurch, Christchurch Women’s, Rolleston, Invercargill, Otago

Brett Drewitt


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Department of Corrections
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Serco Mt Eden

Julie Adams


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