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02 February 2016

Whanganui playground reopens after flood clean up

After a clean up operation involving more than 3,000 hours work by offenders on community-based sentences, Kowhai Park in Whanganui has reopened.

20 January 2016

Media release: Partnership helps offenders gain employment for new beginnings

A partnership between Otago Corrections Facility and Dunedin Housing Maintenance Contractors Limited aims to get former prisoners working on release.

24 December 2015

Media release: Rimutaka Prison Print and Distribution Graduation

Twenty-six prisoners at Rimutaka Prison earn skills and qualifications to gain them jobs in the print and distribution industry.

23 December 2015

Elephants, planes, and automobiles at Otago Corrections Facility

Prisoners at Otago Corrections Facility (OCF) are using their new found carpentry and engineering skills to build toys for children in the community.

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