Staying connected with friends and family

IMPORTANT: On 17 September 2017 the Corrections Regulations changed to raise the age of child visitors from anyone under 16 to anyone under 18. Child visitors must be individually approved, have guardian consent, and have an approved adult with them at any prison visits. Read more about Children Visiting Prisons.

Visitors to prison must first apply to visit and then wait to be approved. There are certain rules that visitors must follow.

Prisoners can get mail and make phone calls but can’t use the internet or email. There are also restrictions on what people can be sent in prison.

  • Locating a prisoner

    To find out whether someone is in prison, or which prison they are in - write or email us to find out.

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  • Phone calls

    All our prisons have standard Telecom payphones for people in prison to use. The phones are located in the common area of each unit.

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  • Mail

    People in prison are able to send and receive letters to and from friends and family outside of prison. They do not have access to the internet or email in prison.

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  • Visits

    Find out how you can visit someone in prison and the process you will go through on the day of your visit. It's okay to feel nervous or scared about visiting a prison. The security processes can be daunting in the beginning, but they are in place to ensure that visitors, staff and prisoners are safe.

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  • Travel assistance for visits

    Find out if you are eligible to apply for funding to visit a parent or child in prison.

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