Contract management

The goals set out in the Contract between SecureFuture and the Department of Corrections are to:

  • ensure sentence compliance in a secure, safe, positive environment;
  • reduce re-offending; and
  • ensure better outcomes for Maori.

Performance targets and incentives

The Contract has been designed to deliver on performance and innovation. It requires SecureFuture to deliver better outcomes than Corrections in reducing re-offending, while never compromising the bottom line of safety and security.

The performance regime within the contract is designed to continually financially motivate SecureFuture to strive for improved outcomes. The regime includes both financial penalties for breaches and not achieving certain targets and a financial incentive for very good performance.

The financial penalties apply to a range of both custodial (the safe and secure operation of the prison) and rehabilitation and reintegration Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  A zero tolerance approach has been taken to many of the custodial KPIs, for example, serious assaults, riots and escapes. This means financial penalties will apply for every breach.

The incentive payment focuses solely on reducing re-offending. This is a key priority for Corrections.

SecureFuture can receive the incentive payment if fewer prisoners serving their sentence at ASCF return to custody within a 24 month period after their release, compared to those serving their sentence in facilities run by Corrections. SecureFuture is required to show a 10% improvement (or greater) compared to Corrections’ performance to receive the incentive payment.  This requirement will remain even as Corrections own performance in this area improves.

Corrections expects the project to be a catalyst for changing the culture and approach to custodial service delivery across the prison estate.  Under the Contract, Corrections may use all the Intellectual Property (IP) in relation to practice at ASCF.  For example, if Serco (the prison operator) develops a programme that is having great results with offenders and is seen to reduce recidivism rates, then Corrections may choose to introduce that programme into any other prison.