Prison operations

Auckland South Corrections Facility (ASCF) will be operated by Serco for the next 25 years.

Like all other prisons in New Zealand, Serco is required to comply with the Corrections Act 2004 and all other New Zealand laws as well as international obligations such as those New Zealand has as a signatory to the United Nations Convention against Torture. The convention is an international human rights treaty that aims to prevent torture and other acts of cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment around the world.

Under the contract Serco is contractually responsible for the safe containment and welfare of prisoners, although ultimately the delivery of this obligation remains with the Department of Corrections.

How Corrections will ensure that standards are met and maintained

The following reporting, monitoring and investigative roles ensure the appropriate operation of the prison:

Reporting Obligations

SecureFuture (and Serco as prison operator) is required to provide monthly, quarterly and annual reports to Corrections. The reports provide information on custodial performance and rehabilitation and reintegration performance.  Serco’s performance will be measured and monitored against key performance indicators which have been set by Corrections. More details about the contract and what happens if standards are not met are provided in the section on Contract Management.

In addition, the Prison Director at ASCF is a member of Corrections Northern Regional Team. The Prison Director will also meet regularly with the Northern Regional Commissioner.

Prison Monitor

Two full-time Prison Monitors, employed by Corrections, will be based at ASCF. The Prison Monitors will confirm whether Serco is operating the prison as agreed, is adhering to their own and relevant Corrections policies and procedures and is complying with legislation and mandatory international prison standards. The Prison Monitors are able to review all aspects of Serco’s operations at ASCF.

Prison Inspectors

Prison Inspectors are empowered under the Corrections Act 2004, the Corrections Regulations 2005 and the mandate of the Chief Executive.  This mandate means Prison Inspectors check and report on the fair, safe, secure and humane treatment of prisoners and people detained within the Corrections system, including those detained at ASCF.


The Ombudsman will action complaints and can proactively investigate ASCF in the same way as undertaken for all other prisons within the network.