Seeking the location of someone in prison

If you are looking for the location of a person in prison or if you want to know if someone is in prison, you can request this information using the form below.

We have legal responsibilities to protect the information of people we manage and must gain their consent before we can release information. If the person you are seeking is in prison, we provide your details to them and ask for their consent to release their location and Person Record Number (PRN).

  • If the person consents, we will let you know their prison location and PRN, and tell you how to get in touch with them.
  • If the person does not give consent, we will be unable to assist you further.
  • If the person you are seeking is not in custody, we will advise you of this.

Corrections understands the importance of staying connected and will endeavour to get a response to you as soon as possible. However, please be aware that due to the high number of requests we receive this can impact the time it takes to get a response.

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