Supported accommodation

Supported accommodation provides housing and other support for offenders with complex needs to help ease their transition back into the community.

About supported accommodation

Corrections has six contracts for the delivery of supported accommodation services in Auckland, Hamilton, Hawke’s Bay, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin.

Offenders in prison with identified complex needs are referred through to the service for consideration. The service is a transitory programme, with offenders receiving support while they live in the provider’s accommodation for a maximum of 13 weeks.

They then move into independent accommodation within the community and are offered a further 13-weeks’ post-tenancy support. While in supported accommodation offenders pay the rental and living costs.

Nature of support

The intensity and nature of the support depends on the needs of each offender, but includes:

  • assessing the offender’s needs before they enter the accommodation
  • providing suitable furnished accommodation for the first 13 weeks
  • helping the offender move into alternative accommodation
  • assisting the offender to meet the conditions of their sentence/order
  • assisting the offender to find employment and/or training to improve access to employment
  • assisting the offender to develop basic living skills such as: personal finances, shopping for essential items, home organisation, and personal/home cleanliness
  • creating an environment for change so that the offender can adopt self-care principles and change behaviour patterns
  • working closely with the Department’s staff and other government and community agencies to assist with the participating offender’s reintegration.

Location and provider

Supported accommodation is provided in the community in the following locations:

  • Auckland by Auckland Prisoners’ Aid and Rehabilitation Society
  • Hamilton by Anglican Action
  • Hawke’s Bay by Salvation Army
  • Wellington by Salvation Army
  • Christchurch by Salvation Army
  • Dunedin by Otago Prisoners' Aid and Rehabilitation Society