Supporting organisations

Reintegration is the process of successfully transitioning offenders to the wider community from the custody of, and/or control by Corrections.

Successfully transitioning means offenders remain crime-free and settle in the wider community with pro-social, constructive attitudes and behaviours. Reintegration is most successful when offenders take some responsibility or ownership of their needs and have strong community involvement/engagement.

We support offenders to:

  • find and maintain accommodation
  • work towards having a job on release from prison
  • improve their skills and knowledge through education and training
  • gain basic life skills such as budgeting, parenting and communications
  • obtain positive support to stay crime-free after completing their sentence
  • engage with volunteers who play a key role in establishing and keeping community links and relationships active.

Some of the support organisations we work with are:

Prison Chaplaincy Service of Aotearoa New Zealand

Chaplaincy Services co-ordinates and delivers spiritual services for all prisoners of all religions, in association with volunteers and other providers, for example, the Salvation Army, and mainstream churches.

Phone: (04) 381 4982


Website: Prison Chaplaincy Service

PARS Incorporated

PARS Inc provides re-integrative services to prisoners, ex-prisoners and their whanau to assist them to re-integrate back into the community.


(Formerly Prisoners Aid and Rehabilitation Society)

Waikato PARS

Phone: (07) 839 3531


Auckland PARS

Phone: (09) 630 0862


Website: Auckland PARS

Prisoners Aid and Rehabilitation Trust (PART)

PART provides re-integrative services to prisoners, ex-prisoners and their whanau to assist them to re-integrate back into the community.

Phone: (04) 371 9183

Website: Prisoners Aid and Rehabilitation Trust

Salvation Army

Salvation Army officers and prison chaplains support people through the court process and while in prison. The Salvation Army also provides accommodation for released prisoners.

Website: Salvation Army

Salisbury Street

Salisbury Street Community Residential Centre in Christchurch provides a structured residential programme supporting offenders to settle back into the community through rehabilitation programmes and reintegrative services.

Website: Salisbury Street

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous has meetings in prison to help people address their addiction issues and maintain sobriety when released.

Website: Alcoholics Anonymous


Toastmasters runs groups to help foster communication and leadership.

Website: Toastmasters

Problem gambling

The Problem Gambling Foundation offers support and specialist services to help gambling addiction.

Phone: 0800 654 655

Website: Gambling Helpline

The New Zealand Howard League for Penal Reform

The Howard League is involved in improving literacy within prisons.

Phone: (09) 834 8100


Website: Howard League

Arts Access Aotearoa

Arts Access Aotearoa support the rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders by facilitating and promoting arts and creative expression.

Phone: (04) 802 4349


Website: Arts Access Aotearoa


Pillars is a children's charity that can help children and families of prisoners. They aim to make sure children get support services to help prevent inter-generational offending and imprisonment.

Helpline: 0508 PILLARS (0508 745527)


Website: Pillars

RAW - Reclaim Another Woman

RAW is a charitable social venture set up by sisters Annah and Rebecca Stretton? to work with recidivist female offenders. RAW gives these women a real choice to make a behavioural change by replacing criminal activity through scholarship education and negotiated work. RAW aims to break a cycle of crime, and drugs and violence by targeting the mothers and their tamariki (children), giving them visibility, acceptance and choice. Corrections has recognised this venture as the only model of its kind achieving outstanding results.