• Are you looking for work but need help?
  • Do you find employers are saying no because you have a criminal conviction?
  • Do you want to work but are worried you don’t have the relevant skills?
  • Do you want to work but can only manage part time?

If your answer is YES to one or more of these questions, we can help!

Our Employment Services team is here to help you find a job. We support people who have (or are about to be) released from prison or are currently serving a community sentence. We have Employment and Training Consultants (ETCs) nationwide to help you with all your employment and training needs. We understand how frightening and challenging it can be to try and find a job when you have a criminal conviction, so we are here to help and guide you every step of the way. Let us work with you and your probation officer or case manager to help you find a job that is right for you.

What will you help me with?

We work with you and support you with:

  • Creating a  career plan
  • Create and write your CV
  • Explain how to behave in a job interview
  • Explain how to prepare for a job interview
  • Discuss ways to disclose your offending
  • We will connect you with potential job opportunities
  • Support you with any relevant education and training you may need
  • Assist you with your driver licensing needs
  • Support to help you keep your job

For more information, read our Jobseeker pamphlet PDF, 1.2 MB.

Take the next step

Talk to your probation officer and ask to be referred to your local ETC.

You can also contact you local ETC PDF, 373.4 KB directly.

Download our brochure for jobseekers PDF, 1.2 MB.

We have people right across New Zealand, so we can help you, even if you are moving to a different part of the country.  The local ETC in your current location will provide support until you move.  They will then pass your details (and the work completed until then) to the ETC in your new location.


If you have some questions we haven't answered above, you may find them in our frequently asked question PDF, 195.8 KB document.