Official information we hold

The Department of Corrections, Ara Poutama Aotearoa, holds a wide range of official information relating to our functions of administering prison and community-based sentences and orders as imposed by the Courts and New Zealand Parole Board and assisting individuals’ rehabilitation and reintegration into the community.

Corrections is a large and diverse organisation managing people in 18 prisons and on 10 different community-based sentences and orders, who report to dozens of Community Corrections sites across New Zealand. Corrections employs around 10,000 staff, who mostly work in frontline roles to help keep the public safe. We share information and work closely with other agencies including the Ministry of Justice, New Zealand Police, New Zealand Parole Board, Oranga Tamariki, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Social Development.

Corrections publishes many documents and resources including strategic reports, publications, research, statistics and responses to Official Information Act (OIA) requests, that can be accessed from our Resources page.

The official information we hold includes:

  • records and information relating to the people we manage, including information relating to their offending and sentencing histories, rehabilitation, reintegration and health needs, victim concerns, psychologist reports and their management in prison or on community-based sentences. Corrections also produces thousands of reports each year to assist the judiciary and New Zealand Parole Board in their decision-making processes.
  • the services we deliver to the public and the advice we provide to Ministers and internal senior leaders. Our records include briefings and advice to the Minister of Corrections and internal advice, information and records relating to the development and delivery of services and the operation of Corrections itself.
  • separate or collated administrative information to enable Corrections to efficiently and safely budget, plan, and administer New Zealand’s prison network and Community Corrections systems.
  • strategic documents such as Annual Reports, Statements of Intent, strategies and action plans.
  • corporate and operational policies, policy advice, and advice related to legislative processes such as regulatory impact statements.
  • a wide range of statistics including population counts, demographics, averages, trends, prison-based incidents, and staffing data.
  • research and analysis including programme and intervention evaluations, topic series reports, literature reviews and benchmarking reports.
  • performance measures relating to sentence administration and rehabilitation and recidivism outcomes, including recidivism results and rehabilitation quotient results.

For more information about information held by Corrections or to make an Official Information Act (OIA) request, please refer to our How to request official information page.

Information to request from other agencies

Criminal record checks

Requests for your criminal record or a criminal conviction history should be made to the Ministry of Justice.

Youth Justice residences

Except for in exceptional circumstances, Corrections does not manage young people aged 17 or under. Information about Youth Justice Residences is available on Oranga Tamariki website.

Parole Board hearings

The New Zealand Parole Board is an independent statutory body. Besides granting parole, the Parole Board also administers and holds information about many other functions. These include considering compassionate release applications, and imposing conditions for offenders on extended supervision orders. More information including contact details is available on the New Zealand Parole Board website.

Criminal disclosure

If you are a defendant requesting information about ongoing criminal proceedings, your access to information will be managed within the provisions of the Criminal Disclosure Act 2008 and not the Privacy Act. You or your lawyer should contact the Police Officer in charge of the case for further information.

Family violence information

If you are a potential victim of family violence or a concerned relative or friend, you can request information relating to the violence history of a new partner. This process is managed by New Zealand Police and more information about the Family Violence Information Disclosure Scheme is on their website.

Deceased person

While Corrections does hold information and reports about deaths in prisons, sudden death inquiries, including all deaths in custody, are referred to the coroner and governed by the Coroners Act.

The Ministry of Justice’s Coronial Services webpage may be able to assist you if you want to request information about a deceased person or about you in relation to a sudden death. If the coroner’s case is currently open, you may be entitled to ask for specified information directly from the coroner (e.g. post-mortem report for immediate family).  If the coroner’s case has been closed, you can request information from the coronial file.

New Zealand Police might also hold information about a sudden or suspicious death.

Our website provides information about Corrections’ processes and procedures when a person dies in custody.

Vetting process for visas

Information on vetting service for visas is available on New Zealand Police website.

Traffic infringement queries

Requests for information on traffic infringements should be directed to Police Infringement Services.

Demerit point queries

New Zealand Transport Agency has more information about demerit points.

Reparation reports

For information about reparation, including receiving or paying reparation, visit the Ministry of Justice website.