Released under the OIA

See a selection of information released under the Official Information Act 1982. Files may contain redacted sections as required under the Act.

Publication dateResponse dateDetails of the request
18 December 202030 September 2020C122527 Information regarding incidents of violence in prisons involving people with gang affiliations PDF, 513.3 KB
18 December 202028 September 2020C125101 Information regarding visits by Members of Parliament to prisons PDF, 297.0 KB
18 December 202024 September 2020C125697 Preventive Detention between the 2009-2020 financial years PDF, 756.1 KB
18 December 202023 September 2020C124483 Transgender and gender diverse individuals in custody PDF, 385.6 KB
18 December 202022 September 2020C124282 The current canteen (P119) items available in prisons PDF, 433.3 KB
18 December 20209 September 2020C123180 A copy of the review into lockdown hours in prisons PDF, 1.5 MB
18 December 20209 September 2020C123358 People in prison with gang affiliations PDF, 911.2 KB
18 December 20209 September 2020C123415 Phone calls from people in prison PDF, 2.1 MB
18 December 20201 September 2020C122556 Operational review into lockdown hours at Auckland Region Women’s Corrections Facility PDF, 3.1 MB
18 December 202013 August 2020C122752 Information regarding deaths in custody (2005-2020) PDF, 504.5 KB
18 December 202013 August 2020C123213 Information about the EM Bail population and High Impact Innovation (HIIP) team PDF, 2.0 MB
18 December 202012 August 2020C122893 Information about assaults and use of force over the last five financial years PDF, 2.6 MB
18 December 202011 August 2020C121464 Information on local operating manual procedures supporting Health Care Pathway Policy PDF, 1.5 MB
18 December 20203 July 2020C121146 Operational Review into an incident at Christchurch Men’s Prison on 29 October 2019 PDF, 7.1 MB
 30 October 2020Information relating to costs associated with the sentencing of the Christchurch terrorist PDF, 194.4 KB
 10 September 2018SSC Inquiry into the Use of External Security Consultants PDF, 2.0 MB.