Gender pay gap action plan


The purpose of this report is to provide an update on the Ara Poutama Aotearoa / Department of Corrections Gender Pay Gap Action Plan for 2021/2022.

This document uses data from the period 1 July 2020 – 30 June 2021 in its analysis and comparative comment. Commentary on the four Gender Pay Gap Milestones focusses on ongoing and new actions to be undertaken.

Aligning the Gender Pay Gap Action Plan to our Purpose

Ara Poutama Aotearoa / Department of Corrections is committed to creating an inclusive workplace where everyone feels safe, valued, respected, and has equitable opportunities to reach their full potential. This work is aligned to our values and our organisational strategy, Hōkai Rangi, which has wellbeing / oranga at its heart.

“Kotahi anō te kaupapa: ko te oranga o te iwi” - There is only one purpose to our work: the wellness and the wellbeing of people.

Hōkai Rangi is our unifying purpose and is a strong reason for people to join and stay at Ara Poutama Aotearoa. We cannot achieve Hōkai Rangi without innovation, new ways of working and thinking. Our staff diversity brings this strength, along with access to new ideas, skills, experience, and perspectives.

To keep a strong focus on this, Corrections has an active Inclusion and Diversity Council, led by our National Commissioner. The Council’s role is to champion inclusion and diversity regionally, and as a governance collective. We are focused on ensuring that our gender pay gap, the Papa Pounamu priorities on accessibility for all, sit alongside our Hōkai Rangi strategy and are woven into our workplace culture. This will ensure we can provide a successful and effective work environment for staff, whānau and our stakeholders.

Please see the Milestone and Other Initiatives sections for more information about the range of work taking place to achieve greater equity, inclusion, and diversity.

Read our current year Gender Pay Gap Action Plan 2021 - 2022 PDF, 868.8 KB

Read our Gender Pay Gap Action Pan 2020- 2021 PDF, 172.5 KB PDF, 172.5 KB