Everyone Safe Every Day - Year Three

We take the health, safety and wellbeing of our people very seriously at Corrections. Year Three of our Everyone Safe Every Day strategy continues to lift this performance.

Download the Everyone Safe Every Day Year Three 2018-19 (English) PDF, 2.3 MB booklet
or Everyone Safe Every Day Year Three 2018-19 (Te Reo) PDF, 1.4 MB booklet.

Our strategy, Year Three

Our strategy for this year:

  • sets out four strategic priorities
  • records the initiatives being delivered from across the organisation
  • commits us to strategic measures and annual targets to measure the success of the strategy.

Our strategy is informed by these principles:

  • People are the solution – We trust our people to work safely, share ideas and come up with solutions for how we can continue to improve.
  • Learn from what we do well – By sharing good practice, celebrating success and learning from experiences, we can learn just as much from what went right as we can from what went wrong.
  • Do the right things – We work to provide a safe workplace for our people and in return we trust our people to carry out their work with care, be responsible and keep themselves and others healthy and safe.

Our strategic priorities

These priorities help us to focus our efforts, targeting highest risk areas and identifying solutions that can have organisation-wide reach.


Active and meaningful health and safety leadership by increasing our leaders’ health, safety and wellbeing capability to enable them to champion a strong health and safety culture across all areas of the organisation.


A just, learning culture built on empowerment and proactive engagement enabling our people to take responsibility for their health and safety, to identify improvements and support the development of a healthy, safe and resilient workplace.


Quality resources that build capability and guide healthy and safe work to support our people to do their jobs safely every day.


Effective management of high-consequence risks by improving our understanding of our organisation’s risk profile, to ensure we target areas that have the greatest potential to impact our people.