Phone calls

All our prisons have standard Telecom payphones for people in prison to use. The phones are located in the common area of each unit.

Phonecards are available to purchase through the prison weekly shopping system, or they can be posted to the prisoner. Prisoners in MECF can buy phone cards through the canteen. They may not receive phonecards by post or in person. We encourage other items with a monetary value to be hand delivered.

Up to 10 phone numbers can be approved at any one time for people in prison to call.

Once a person has applied to have the number approved staff check to make sure the call recipient is happy to receive calls from within the prison. The number is then made available for the person to call.

Apart from some free (0800) numbers, prisoners must pay for the calls they make. The cost of making calls is:

$1 for up to 15 minutesLocal calls
25 cents per minuteNational calls
35 cents per minuteCalls to cellphones
90 cents per minuteInternational calls
FreeApproved 0800 numbers

All phone calls can be monitored. This means that calls are recorded and can be listened to by staff.


Cellphones are not allowed in prison as they are contraband items.

Contacting a person urgently

To contact a person in prison urgently, call the prison and they can ask the prisoner to call back.