Our structure

The Minister of Corrections Hon Kelvin Davis is responsible for determining policy and exercising statutory powers and functions related to the Corrections portfolio.

The Minister is also responsible to Parliament for ensuring Corrections carries out its functions properly and efficiently.

Powers and functions of the Minister of Corrections

The Corrections Act 2004 creates several powers and functions such as:

  • Giving general directions to the Chief Executive relating to the exercise of their powers and functions (Section 7)
  • Any other powers and functions conferred under the Corrections Act 2004 or regulations made under it (Section 7)
  • Setting pay rates for part-time Probation Officers
  • Declaring land or buildings to be a prison or community work centre (Section 30 and Section 32)
  • Requisitioning land and buildings in an emergency (Section 191)
  • Approving pay rates for working prisoners (Section 66)
  • Setting the cost of imprisonment so it can be deducted from the earnings of prisoners on Release to Work (Section 68)
  • Consenting to the Chief Executive contracting out escort and courtroom custodial services (Section 166 and Section 170)

Chief Executive and leadership team

Christine Stevenson is Chief Executive. Corrections operate six groups led by the chief executive and executive leadership team. Our one team approach ensures teams work together effectively.

The executive leadership team provides a clear and unified vision for Corrections. They lead our priorities and provide visible leadership. Working with four regional commissioners, the executive leadership team sets direction and develops our strategy and business plans.

  • Chief Executive Corrections – Christine Stevenson
  • Deputy Chief Executive Corrections – Jeremy Lightfoot
  • National Commissioner Corrections Services – Rachel Leota
  • Deputy Chief Executive, Finance, Property and Technology – Andrew Robertson
  • Deputy Chief Executive, Corporate Services – Katie Elkin
  • Deputy Chief Executive, Service Development – Richard Waggott
  • Deputy Chief Executive, Commercial Services – Chris Fry
  • Deputy Chief Executive, Māori – Tōpia Rameka

Regional Commissioners

  • Northern Region – Jeanette Burns
  • Central Region – Terry Buffery
  • Lower North Region – Paula Collins
  • Southern Region – Ben Clark

Within each region, a number of districts and a local management team work to find solutions for local issues. Frontline staff make sure that every interaction with offenders helps them to break the cycle of offending.