Internet, email and mail


People we manage in our prisons do not have access to computers with internet connection so cannot use email.


Friends and family are able to use one-way email to communicate with people in prison.

'Replies' to emails will be via regular mail as there is no access to computers with internet connection in prison.

There maybe times when the prison may reply to emails to notify the sender of any change (e.g. when someone has been released or transferred).

All emails are printed and screened for any inappropriate, illegal or objectionable material, before they’re passed on.

Read more information on how to email someone in prison and rules that apply.


People in prison are able to send and receive letters to and from friends and family outside of prison.

Corrections provides writing paper and envelopes, and pays for standard postage for up to three letters per week.

If the person wishes to send a fast post letter or a parcel, they must pay for this themselves.

Outgoing envelopes are identified as prisoner mail and contain details for recipients to contact Corrections if they do not want to receive mail from the sender.

Do you have an enquiry about unwanted prisoner mail?

Call 0800 345 006 or email if you an an enquiry about unwanted prisoner mail.

Both the email and hot line are staffed weekdays only. Voice messages can be left after hours and staff will respond.