Condition not to use alcohol or drugs

The courts and the New Zealand Parole Board may impose a special condition not to use alcohol and/or drugs (unless the drugs have been prescribed for the person by a doctor).

This condition is sometimes called an ‘abstinence condition’.

It is given if the judge or parole board believe that using alcohol or drugs increases the person’s likelihood of re-offending or causing harm.

Alcohol and drug testing

People with this condition may be tested for alcohol and drugs.

A person’s probation officer decides the best level of testing for the person.

Test results help probation officers make effective decisions about a person’s management and treatment.

Test results are shared with the person who can use them to prove they have stayed sober.

More information

Important information about alcohol and drug testing PDF, 439.9 KB for people with a special condition not to use alcohol and drugs – (your probation officer will go through this information when they explain your sentence to you. They can answer any questions you may have).

Information for lawyers, judges and New Zealand Parole Board members PDF, 52.2 KB about the implementation of alcohol and drug testing for people serving sentences in the community.