Manufacturing, technology and engineering factsheet

The Department of Corrections offers trade training and qualifications in manufacturing and technology in fifteen of our prisons throughout New Zealand.


Our joinery and timber processing training workshops specialise in the making of furniture, finger jointing and framing.

Textile workshops provide experience in industrial sewing skills with the manufacture of prisoner clothing and bedding.

Our light and electronic assembly operations offer practice in electronic equipment assembly.


Our prison print shop at Rimutaka Prison specialises in the preparation, production and publishing of printed material.


Our small engine workshops focus on identifying and resolving faults in several different engine types.

Our light engineering workshops manufacture and repair a wide range of products such as waste bins, trailers, and machinery for private companies, the public and Corrections industries.

We offer on the job training, training courses and hands on experience in:

  • Timber processing and joinery workshops
  • Furniture making, finishing and upholstery
  • Textile manufacture, sewing, cutting and overlocking skills
  • Use of industrial machinery
  • Mechanical engineering and mechanical assembly
  • Printing
  • Graphic design and layout
  • Repair and maintenance of small motors
  • Welding
  • Sheet metal work

We offer the following qualifications:

  • Basic Engineering Trade Skills (BETS)
  • National Certificate in Furniture
  • New Zealand Certificate in Wood Manufacturing
  • Certificate in Automotive/Motor Industry/Small Motors
  • New Zealand Certificate in Mechanical Engineering
  • New Zealand Certificate in Textile Manufacture
  • New Zealand Certificate in Digital Print and Binding
  • Welding Trade Tickets

We also partner with accredited tertiary institutions to deliver quality training to prisoners.


  • Auckland Prison
  • Spring Hill Corrections Facility
  • Whanganui Prison
  • Hawke’s Bay Regional Prison
  • Rimutaka Prison
  • Arohata Prison
  • Christchurch Women’s Prison
  • Rolleston Prison

Training - Manufacturing/Engineering

  • Northland Region Corrections Facility
  • Auckland Prison
  • Auckland Region Women’s Corrections Facility
  • Spring Hill Corrections Facility
  • Waikeria Prison
  • Tongariro Prison
  • Whanganui Prison
  • Hawke’s Bay Regional Prison
  • Manawatu Prison
  • Rimutaka Prison
  • Arohata Prison
  • Christchurch Men’s Prison
  • Rolleston Prison
  • Otago Corrections Facility