Right people, right now

Get the right people, right now

As an employer, we recognise your priorities are to have the job done well and on time. We can make the job of finding the right employee easy for you. At Corrections, we work with people in our care to get them work ready with the training, skills and qualifications you need to fill your vacancies – it’s that simple.

Attracting and engaging good workers is getting increasingly difficult. Corrections is a valuable partner in us achieving our staffing needs. We have been working with Corrections for several years now and we have employed over 36 people in a number of different skilled roles through our Employment partnership with Corrections”

Garry Williams, Senior Adviser Employment Relations and Resourcing, Silver Fern Farms

Myths vs Facts

There are many misconceptions about employing people with convictions. Here are a few common myths and facts.

Once a criminal, always a criminal; leopards never change their spots.Research here and overseas shows that people who work in a regular job after they’ve been to prison or served a community sentence are less likely to re-offend.
If word gets out that I employ people who have committed an offence, I’ll lose customers.Fear of damage to reputation means that few organisations publicise that they employ people with convictions. However, experience shows that the reverse can be true. Promoting the fact that your business stands for fairness, equality, and community cohesion can have positive effects on your corporate reputation.
Employing people with a conviction will make your workplace unsafe.Most employers find that employing people with convictions doesn’t have a negative effect on their workplace or other staff.
Rehabilitating offenders doesn’t work.There’s plenty of evidence that prison and community programmes that address the underlying causes of offending can have very positive results, especially when participants have the support of family/whānau, and friends. Regular employment is considered to be one of the key factors in helping people who have been convicted of an offence to turn their lives around.
There is no in-work support available for employers or job seekers.Where required we can provide active support to employers as well as job seekers through prisons, probation or third party service providers.

Why us?

There are many benefits to using us to fill your vacancies or skill shortages:

  • It’s easy – you’ll get people with the right skills, motivation, training and qualifications.
  • It saves you time and money – no recruitment agencies or advertising needed!
  • You will help to improve an individual’s wellbeing, self-worth, and responsibility.
  • You will help to reduce re-offending and make your community safer.

Our job seekers

Our job seekers come from all walks of life. Some already have skills and training which we develop and expand on, and some we provide with the opportunity to gain new skills and qualifications that are in demand with employers. Support services may be available in your area. Call us now on (04) 462 8347.

Our approach

We have many initiatives in place to improve the employment potential of the people who pass through the prison and community probation system each year. We are constantly increasing the number of rehabilitation programmes, skills training and qualifications for our job seekers.

Education Instructors: Industry Training Organisations and Tertiary Education providers deliver classroom-based and on-the-job training to individuals to prepare them for skilled employment and a better way of life.

Industry Training: Corrections operates over 140 real-life, business-like operations in prisons across the country to enable hands-on experience for individuals in a variety of industries including; manufacturing, technology and engineering, construction, service, farming, forestry and horticulture.

Work Readiness: We run modules which are focused on preparing people for work, including workplace and communication skills, as well as financial and computer literacy.

AssessTraining/RehabilitationWork ReadinessEmployment
SkillsSkillsCVRelease to Work
LearningQualificationsSupportSustainable employment
AptitudeAttitudesOn-the-job trainingEmployment support
ExperienceRehabilitation ProgrammesEmployability Skills 

Up to 70% of people in our care have difficulty reading and writing. We provide essential literacy and numeracy skills as part of our training programmes. An increasing number go on to achieve nationally recognised qualifications such as the Level 2 National Certificate in Building, Construction and Allied Trades (BCATS).

“We have worked with Corrections for a number of years. Our experience to date has been beneficial to everyone involved. The offender has fitted into our team well and is proving to be a very conscientious and productive team member. The training Corrections provides is of good quality, and they also vet prospective employees so we get the right people for the job.”

Alistair Dore, Clelands Group of Companies

It’s all about you

We can provide you with people who have the skills you need, when you need them. How we do this:

  • Provide nationally recognised NZQA based training and education programmes
  • Deliver relevant training to meet your needs
  • Help job-seekers in prisons and community corrections sites to find jobs that match their skills and meet your needs
  • Carry out projects of importance to local communities on request
  • Provide job seekers with an aim to permanently fill available positions on release.

Ongoing support

Alongside supporting new staff members and their families, Corrections also provides ongoing support and guidance to employers where required. You can contact us anytime!

Anyone that we recommend to you will come with full disclosure—you will not have to guess about their conviction and you will get to hear the person’s story directly from them.

Contact us

We expect you will have questions about how the process works: we are happy to answer any questions you might have, and even invite you along to see how we get our people work ready. To talk to us contact your nearest Corrections Regional Office.

Northern Regional Office
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Central Corporate Park Centre,
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Central Regional Office
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Lower North Regional Office
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Southern Regional Office
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