Tai Aroha Evaluation 2015

The 2015 evaluation of the Tai Aroha special treatment unit was an in-depth analysis of the effectiveness of the programme. It looked at several aspects of the programme including:

  • Recidivism outcomes
  • Programme integrity
  • Psychological measures
  • Graduates’ perceptions of the programme.

The evaluation shows that:

  • The programme was having some positive results on recidivism for residents on a sentence of home detention, but not for residents on a sentence of intensive supervision
  • The programme appeared to be having an improved impact on recidivism rates of residents who participated in Tai Aroha after the “bedding in” period, due to better selection of residents, retention, integrity and technology
  • There were meaningful changes on the psychological functioning of programme graduates
  • There was a consistency of good practice, reflected in the quality of the programme delivery and the dedication of staff and residents to the principals and practice standards of the programme.