Topic Series Reports

This Special Topic Reports focuses on particular sub-groups of the 2015 Correction Volumes Report PDF, 6.7 MB. These reports are intended to give a more fine-grained analysis of the characteristics of selected sub-groups. Like the main report, the topical reports are intended as a general statistical resource, primarily to build knowledge and awareness amongst Corrections' staff of the offender population they manage.  The reports also serve as key information bases to support new policy and operational design work to improve management and interventions with specific offender sub-groups.

The first two topical reports broadly follow the approach used in the main corrections volumes reports, with trends in numbers given over a decade or more, and breakdowns presented in terms of offenders’ age, gender, ethnicity, sentence type, specific offence type, and other variables of interest.  However, the topical reports also include new features such as graphical representations of criminal histories, to illustrate the diversity of offenders found within the sub-group.