Corrections within the Justice Sector

The Government has determined key goals to guide the public sector in achieving sustainable development and provide the overall framework in which the justice sector operates.

These six key government goals are to:

  • strengthen national identity and uphold the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi
  • grow an inclusive, innovative economy for the benefit of all
  • maintain trust in government and provide strong social services
  • improve New Zealanders' skills
  • reduce inequalities in health, education, employment and housing
  • protect and enhance the environment.

Through the justice sector, the Department contributes to four of these goals, as illustrated in the diagram below, and as discussed in the sections on the Department's Focus and Collaboration with Other Agencies.

Table 1: Linkages Between Sector Outcomes and Key Government Goals

Key Government Goals

Strengthen National Identity and Uphold the Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi
Celebrate our identity in the world as people who support and defend freedom and fairness, who enjoy arts, music, movement and sport, and who value our diverse cultural heritage; and resolve at all times to endeavour to uphold the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.

Maintain Trust in Government and Provide Strong Social Services
Maintain trust in government by working in partnerships with communities, providing strong social services for all, building safe communities and promoting community development, keeping faith with the electorate, working constructively in Parliament and promoting a strong and effective public service.

Reduce Inequalities in Health, Education, Employment and Housing
Reduce the inequalities that currently divide our society and offer a good future for all by better coordination of strategies across sectors and by supporting and strengthening the capacity of Maori and Pacific Island communities. Ensure that all groups in society are able to participate fully and enjoy the benefits of improved production.

Improve New Zealanders' Skills
Foster education and training to enhance and improve the nation's skills so that all New Zealanders have the best possible future in a changing world. Build on the strengthened industry training and tertiary sectors to ensure that New Zealanders are among the best educated and most skilled people in the world.


Justice Sector End Outcomes

Safer Communities
Being communities in which there is reduced crime and in which safety and wellbeing is enhanced through partnerships

A fairer, more credible and more effective justice system
Being a system in which people's interactions are underpinned by the rule of law and justice services are more equitable, credible and accessible


Justice Sector Intermediate Outcomes


  • youth offending
  • offending by Maori
  • violence
  • family violence
  • burglary
  • organised crime
  • serious traffic offending
  • theft of and from cars


  • access to and delivery of court services, and child, youth and family services
  • public confidence in the police, judiciary and other justice institutions
  • relationships between the Crown and Maori
  • laws governing family relationships and other private dealings


Department's Outcomes

P Protect the public