Briefing to the Incoming Minister December 2016

Message from the Chief Executive

I am proud to lead an organisation that has a great passion and commitment to managing some of New Zealand’s most difficult individuals.

The foundation of an effective corrections system is our ability to protect the public. Over the past year a series of substantial new public safety measures have been introduced. This includes changes to legislation that allow Corrections and Police to require community-based offenders and bailees subject to drug and alcohol conditions to
undergo testing to ensure compliance. As a result, we have never been in a stronger position to hold individuals to account and keep the public safe.

We have nevertheless had to contend with some challenges, including public concern about the placement of high-risk offenders in the community and capacity pressures due
to a record high prison population.

Corrections has implemented a world-leading prison modernisation programme, major investments in staff training and equipment, greater accountabilities at the regional and
local level, and the expanded use of new technologies, such as GPS monitoring.

Looking to the future, I am determined to maintain our focus on the biggest challenge facing all corrections systems – reducing re-offending. Over the past five years, we have
made major strides in transforming our prison and community sites so that they can provide more and better rehabilitation and reintegration programmes and services, through such initiatives as Out of Gate and partnerships with major employers.

I am confident that Corrections will continue to build on the progress we have made in recent years, with the support of the thousands of dedicated front-line staff who come to work each day with the goal of making New Zealand a safer place.

Ray Smith
Chief Executive

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