Getting a job on release

Research shows that prisoners who find stable, rewarding work on release reduce their chance of re-offending.

Throughout their sentence, we provide a wide range of training and education opportunities to help prisoners build their skills to find and keep work.

Case Managers meet with people regularly during their sentence to address the cause of offending and support them to progress. Offenders are provided with rehabilitation programmes, education and job training that will turn their lives around and break the cycle of re-offending.

Our prisons offer pre-employment training, practical experience and qualifications, for example in horticulture, carpentry and construction, agriculture, painting and catering. Working prison’s engage prisoners in activities, including treatment, learning, industry and other programmes in preparation for release and reintegration.

Offenders motivated to find work upon release or while serving sentence in the community can opt in to a recruitment service provided by the Department's Employment and Training Consultants.

How Employment and Training Consultants help find jobs

Employment and Training Consultants spend one on one time with jobseekers to assess what support, training or assistance they need that will be required to strengthen their transition into work. Employment and Training Consultants match the skills and qualifications of our jobseeker to work vacancies with our employment partners.

Our service for Jobseekers:

  • Needs assessment including Whanau and community support
  • Access to Education and Training
  • CV and interview preparation
  • Job/Skills matching
  • Individually tailored support network

If you're an employer and you want to learn more about supporting offenders into employment email OR call our Employment Services team on (04) 462 8347.