Social media terms of use and moderation policy

Terms of use and moderation policy for Corrections' social media accounts. Please direct all questions to

Terms of use

Post content

By following us on Facebook and/or Twitter, you can expect to see between two and five posts each week (Monday to Friday) about Corrections’ works. We may also choose to retweet, repost or share the work of other individuals or organisations, however we do not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of this information.

We welcome feedback, however we can’t guarantee that we will be able to reply to every post, tweet or message that we receive, and we reserve the right not to respond. We will ensure that helpful suggestions and enquiries are passed on to the relevant staff.


Corrections’ social media platforms are monitored during business hours.


We reserve the right to remove any post of comment that does not comply with these Terms of Use, or the terms and conditions of Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms used by Corrections. We also reserve the right to remove any post or comment that does not comply with our moderation policy referred below.

Questions and queries

We will attempt to answer questions within one working day. There are some topics that we won’t be able to discuss, such as when the matter is related to a confidential or sensitive operational or security matter, the subject of an investigation or is of a political nature. We might ask you to contact us via private or direct message to provide us with more detail in order for us to assist you.

Requests for official or personal information should be directed to

Media queries should be directed to


When posting on Corrections social media platforms, please protect your personal privacy and that of others by not publishing personal information such as private addresses or phone numbers. Our social media pages are not secure channels as they are under the control of third parties. We encourage you to read each social media channel’s conditions of use and privacy policy.

Who we follow

We may follow other organisations and individuals that are relevant to our work – please don’t be offended if we do not follow you back. Please let us know if there is an organisation that you think we should be following. Following does not imply that Corrections’ endorsement, or guarantee the accuracy of the followed party’s information.


If you follow us on Twitter, you are subject to the Twitter Terms of Service and Twitter Rules.

If you follow us on Facebook you are subject to the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.


You must not access or attempt to access our websites or online services through automated tools (including the use of scripts, web-crawlers, robots or screen-scrapers) or engage in any activity that will, or is likely to, interfere with or disrupt our websites or online services.

We provide security to protect our websites and online services. The security of our social media pages is governed by each social media channel's own conditions of use. You are responsible for making sure that your own computer is secure, including taking all reasonable steps to:

  • prevent someone misusing or getting unauthorised access to your computer system or to our online services, and
  • make sure your computer system and data are free of computer viruses and all other forms of corruption.


The content promoted on our social media platforms is only ever intended for information purposes only. Corrections will accept no liability for loss or damage suffered by any person or body due to information provided on these sites or linked sites.

The information on our social media sites is provided on the basis that the person accessing the website undertakes responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of its content.

Our Terms of Use and moderation policy may be updated at any time without notice.

Facebook or Twitter (or other platforms) terms of use or similar agreements may also be updated according to those organisations.

Moderation policy

We reserve the right to remove any post or comment that does not comply with these Terms of Use, or the terms and conditions of Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms used by Corrections. We also reserve the right to remove any post or comment that does not comply with this moderation policy.

This includes content that:

  • is considered not relevant
  • breaches legislation, copyright or intellectual property rights
  • is considered offensive or discriminatory
  • demonstrates political bias or is of otherwise political nature
  • relates to commercial activity, including advertising
  • contains swear words or offensive, threatening or discriminatory language or content
  • posts personal information (including photos or video) of people without their consent
  • is considered ‘spam’ (the same or similar content posted multiple times)
  • is considered disruptive, or can be considering ‘trolling’
  • link-baits (embedding a link in your post to draw traffic to your own site).

We may, at our discretion:

  • inform you if we remove or edit your comments and give you the opportunity to post revised comments, or
  • block or ban anyone who posts those types of comments or who breaches these conditions of use or the conditions of use of a social media channel.