Hōkai Tapuwae

Hōkai Tapuwae is the name given to a Māori therapeutic cultural intervention to support an individual’s rehabilitation or reintegration. The purpose of the intervention is to inform treatment pathways for Māori in prison.

The intervention provides an opportunity to discuss an individual’s whakapapa and cultural identity, and to support them to better understand their place within te ao Māori. The process also allows the voice of their whānau to be heard in the rehabilitation or reintegration process.

With their consent, relevant Department of Corrections – Ara Poutama Aotearoa staff members can refer individuals to the Hōkai Tapuwae intervention either prior to or after sentencing to support rehabilitation and reintegration decisions.  Hōkai Tapuwae reports may also be shared with the New Zealand Parole Board and/or the Courts to provide additional context about a person’s identity.

To be eligible to participate in the Hōkai Tapuwae programme, the person must:

· identify as Māori and provide consent for the process

· be in the management of the Department of Corrections - Ara Poutama Aotearoa in prison or the community, or on bail

Hōkai Tapuwae cultural interventions can be requested for those we work with. If you would like to discuss this intervention for a whānau member, please contact their Bail Support Officer, Probation Officer or Case Manager who are able to make referrals.