Board/Parole Board - The authority in each jurisdiction which is responsible for the placement and management of ex-prisoners who are being supervised in the community post-release.

CCO - Community Corrections Officer

EM - Electronic monitoring

HD - Home Detention

LSI-R - Level of Service Inventory ??? Revised

NCAG - National Corrections Advisory Group

na - Not available

PD - Periodic Detention

RoGS - Report on Government Services

Jurisdictional Specific

CPS - Community Probation Service (NZ)

EMSSA - Electronic Monitoring System SA (SA)

IDP - Individual Development Plan (SA)

IJIS - Integrated Justice Information System (NT)

NZPB - New Zealand Parole Board (NZ)

PAC - Prisoner Assessment Committee (SA)

PAU - Prisoner Assessment Unit (SA)

PPS - Public Prison Service (NZ)

PPU - Probation and Parole Unit (NSW)

RoC:RoI - Risk of re-Conviction/Risk of re-Imprisonment model (NZ)