Community work agencies

The community work sentence requires people to make reparation to the community for the offence they have committed by doing unpaid work. It also gives people an opportunity to take responsibility for their offending and learn new skills and work habits.

Community work can be work on an individual basis through placement at an agency or in a group supervised by community probation staff. It could involve everything from helping to maintain buildings and gardens to doing clerical work.

An agency for community work purposes is defined by law as being:

  • a local council
  • government agency
  • voluntary organisation
  • school
  • marae organisation
  • sports group
  • or other community group.

Any type of work can be done as long as it is not work that would be done in paid employment, or work normally done by the offender as part of their membership of an organisation.

Choosing offenders for a community work placement

A probation officer is responsible for managing offenders on community work and will assess a person to determine:

  • the most appropriate work for the offence they have committed
  • their personal circumstances
  • their needs and skills.

Agency responsibilities

Agencies providing placements for individual offenders on community work will need to supervise the offender and report on the person's progress to the probation officer.

How to apply for community work offenders

We are keen to increase the number of placements we provide. To learn more about how to be an agency for community work contact the nearest community probation office.

Community work agency funding

We have funding available to approved agencies supervising community work offenders.

This funding is to support agencies that sponsor community work offenders on agency placement projects, so we can expand placements and assist with work projects that are undertaken by offenders.

What agencies can apply for

Applications can be made for items like overalls, cleaning supplies, tools, equipment and other items used by offenders working for the agency. An agency may also apply for funding toward a special project, or hire equipment that can be used by offenders during their work placement.

For agencies that provide transport for offenders, or that have staff who incur travel costs to supervise agency offenders, the agency can apply for petrol vouchers to help with this cost.

How to apply

Read more information about community work agency funding and how to complete an application (PDF 320Kb).

Agencies who want to apply for funding can fill out a community work funding application form (Word 596Kb).

The application form should be sent to your local community probation office.