Wider justice sector partners

We work closely with our justice sector partners – the Ministry of Justice and Police, and other Government agencies such as the Ministry of Social Development, Work and Income, Ministry of Health and Housing New Zealand Corporation, to seek out new collaborative opportunities in areas such as:

  • intelligence sharing
  • custodial activities
  • prisoner escorts and transport
  • electronic bail monitoring
  • training.

We work with the Ministry of Justice to develop legislative changes which will support us to achieve our goals.

We strengthen key partnerships by:

  • supporting Child, Youth and Family to develop a Youth Strategy to prevent young people likely to offend from becoming adult offenders.
  • working alongside Work and Income to help prisoners find work before they are released
  • supporting offenders to turn their lives around through our work with community organisations and local providers
  • engaging with iwi and Maori to improve outcomes for Maori offenders, particularly in smaller communities, supported through our Maori Focus Units
  • supporting an integrated justice sector, developing initiatives to reduce re-offending, and supporting legislative changes
  • working closely with the Police to safely manage high-risk offenders in the community.