Service providers - Serco

Serco is also responsible for prison operations at Auckland South Corrections Facility, however they are not contracted directly to Corrections.  Corrections signed a contract with SecureFuture to design, finance, build, operate and maintain Auckland South Corrections Facility. SecureFuture have in turn subcontracted the operation of the prison to their operator Serco.

The prisoners at Auckland South Corrections Facility remain the ultimate responsibility of the Chief Executive of Corrections.

Why we use contract management

It’s our policy to use private sector innovation as well as international experience in running prisons to improve the quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness of prisons, and to share improvements across the corrections system.

Contracts give us the opportunity to inject new ideas and new innovations to enhance public safety, improve rehabilitation and lower costs. The move to contract management is primarily about improving performance across the corrections system and delivering value for money.

How contract management works

Serco has their own staff but the Chief Executive of Corrections remains responsible for the prisoners. Serco works with the wider justice sector, for example courts and parole services, in the same way that publicly run prisons do. Contract management means that Serco’s management of the site is an addition to the wider corrections system.

Even though Serco and its employees are not working for Corrections, they are still an important part of the corrections system and contribute to the core goals of ensuring public safety and reducing re-offending.

The safety of the public and staff is our priority and the contract with Serco requires that it meets at least the same standards as the public prisons sites. Serco is also required to comply with all New Zealand legislation, including health and safety and employment legislation.

The legislation for contract management of prisons specifically requires that any contract manager has a suitable number of staff.