Assaults in prisons

Corrections aims to run prisons that are safe for prisoners, staff, visitors and the general public.  Our staff recognise the importance of knowing and understanding prisoners, and actively engage with them to reinforce positive behaviour.

Every assault incident that is identified, no matter how minor, is recorded and reported.  All prisoners involved in an altercation are interviewed by prison staff, and prisoners may be charged with an internal misconduct charge if it is warranted.

Corrections categorises assaults as either serious, non-serious or no injury.

Serious assaults

A serious assault is an act of physical violence that involves one or more of:

  • bodily harm requiring medical intervention by medical staff followed by overnight hospitalisation;
  • bodily harm requiring extended periods of on-going medical intervention; or
  • sexual assault of any form and degree.

Serious assaults against staff or prisoners can be referred to the Police for investigation and criminal charges may be laid against the perpetrators.

Number of serious assaults by prisoners per year

A line graph showing number of assaults by prisoners by year

Serious assaults by prisoners per year shown in rate per 100

A line graph showing serious assaults by prisoners per year, shown in rates per 100

Data set of serious assaults by prisoners - national and by prison

Download serious assaults data: